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The Perfect Bloody

Ingredients: The Roots dry mixVodka/TequilaLime or lemon juiceTomato/vegetable/clamato juice Measure 1.5 teaspoon dry mix in a shaker or pitcher, add 2 oz. of vodka or tequila, lime or lemon juice (or combo), 4-6 oz tomato/vegetable/clamato juice. Shake or stir well and pour over ice and garnish.
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Summer Nights

Summer is nearly here - time for a cocktail! Want to heat things up? This drink recipe is an awesome twist on a the classic favorite. It's not just any ordinary cocktail. Our take is adding spicy chili sauce (either Mexican or Asian inspired) and using your favorite vodkas. This easy-to-make cocktail is sure to…
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Fresh Squeezed

There are few things better than a fresh, garden-ripe tomato during the long summer days. We've taken these delightful little gems and turned the fruitful harvest into a glorious summer cocktail. For this refreshing recipe, make sure you ues the freshest tomatoes, as it makes a difference in the texture and final flavor of your…
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